Communications - Internal and External


The worlds of marketing, communications and PR have been converging. The dawning of digital, and social specifically, has meant that content is increasingly king – and the more engaging and relevant to the audience the better! Effective story-telling and outreach in all their forms are becoming greater and greater assets to any business.

Communications – both internal and external – have been a core component of my activities and experience.

From generating good external publicity through press release writing and media relations management, to creating impactful e-communications and social media outreach, my hands-on and management expertise has helped drive some memorable campaigns and messaging – all geared to change opinions, attitudes, behaviours and ultimately the propensity to purchase.

External communications have been core to my roles and responsibilities at TRACKER, Cobra (Vodafone Automotive), First Capital Connect, IAM and hVIVO and have all included the management of PR and external communications, working with an excellent blend of in-house teams and PR agency resources. I am also media trained and have acted as spokesperson on live TV, radio and in the press.

Whilst internal communications should be a general commitment to colleagues from any inspired and authentic manager or leader, my role at hVIVO (in a rapidly growing organisation – both revenues and personnel) involved a significant commitment to build a corporate-level culture around regular and informative internal communications and information share. Included in this programme was an internal e-newsletter, suitably called “TRANSMISSION” (of which I managed to produce close on 90 creative issues in 4 years!) which then allowed the build out of a more comprehensive programme of “town hall” staff briefings, video productions and launches (such as the introduction of formalised corporate values) – all warmly received by a grateful internal staff audience.

Combine this experience with investor communications (annual reports, financial press updates, investor roadshows etc), membership communications, and the development of robust crisis management communications programmes, and communications is quite firmly at the core of my work and capabilities.