TRACKER business-to-business communications


TRACKER was a pioneering vehicle tracking system that allowed your ͚pride and joy͛ to be located and tracked by the Police if stolen.

It had tremendous appeal across the automotive spectrum and as well as helping to recover lots of gleaming (and often high performance/high value) passenger cars, the system – either in 12 volt or 24 volt powered form – had a less emotional and more commercially-driven benefit for fleet operators, van and truck businesses, and for larger construction vehicles and plant equipment. Additionally, and building on our strong and growing reputation for stolen vehicle location, TRACKER also developed one of the earlier ͚location on demand͛ and live vehicle tracking systems – with numerous benefits to fleet tracking, monitoring, scheduling and routing optimisation.

As part of our integrated campaign activity, the business-to-business community was definitely not overlooked with specific marketing and communications activity focused on the business owner and commercial operator.

One of our more challenging, or arguably controversial, campaigns was a direct marketing programme aimed at the truck operator with multiple drivers and vehicles. Whilst the campaign proposition centred on the uncertainty of knowing where your drivers really where when they should be on a tight schedule, the two-stage mailing approach targeted owners of commercial fleets – the first mailing piece challenge was to question if they really knew if there drivers were where they said they were – great creative combined with a neat "reveal" as to where the driver might just be…

The second stage item was mailed a day later – this item had the same integrated style but picked up the "story" to in fact confirm that the driver was trustworthy and was in fact where he said he was at the time… thanks to TRACKER.

A high impact directly targeted and imaginative project, some controversy with some fleet drivers (ask me about it!), but a memorable campaign that stimulated intrigue and significant interest from the fleet operating community and helped generate tangible new business for TRACKER.