TRACKER - High Impact Advertising


TRACKER had a fantastic and at the time entirely new category proposition in the UK vehicle security market - getting your vehicle back when it had been stolen – through the use of sophisticated in- vehicle tracking technology. Pioneering stuff.

Early advertising had been generic and focused on out of home media such as high street billboards. For a well-established, more mature consumer brand, this medium is a great reinforcement to purchase, but alone it was not communicating the benefit of this new vehicle security category clearly or powerfully enough, and needed to drive purchase consideration more passionately. After considerable customer insight research, demographic and socio-economic profiling and some at times hair-raising target consumer focus groups, a new high impact proposition was developed focusing on the emotional benefit of recovering the stolen vehicle, emphasising the UK’s police force involvement and the real possibility of catching the thief.

Creative development arrived at a hard-hitting, grainy and down to earth visual and copy execution with a “Get the B******S back” proposition. Focus groups, in particular, had indicated this was a key emotional trigger to generate real interest and further prospect engagement, with a strong encouragement to find out more. The controversial nature of the advertising also created some excellent additional publicity interest, and allowed creative treatments to be extended into sales collateral, fulfilment packs, support direct marketing campaigns and high-profile event attendances (such as UK motor shows). Integrated marketing that really worked hard.

Advertising was focused on a tighter audience profile, and amongst the mix this included Sunday newspapers, specialist car magazines and other prestige brand audiences (including the likes of BMW’s own customer magazine).

And to maintain the higher profile out of home advertising aspect, high street billboards were replaced with innovative advertising within the washrooms of the UK’s motorway services controversial, high profile, but reaching a very relevant car-owning audience at a time where they might just be at their ‘most vulnerable’.

This higher impact messaging helped strengthen our appeal to car brands and retailers such as BMW, Jaguar, and Lexus and helped improve our distribution in this important channel. TRACKER also ensured that the business to business community (vehicle owners and operators in car fleets, truck fleets and construction equipment users) received relevant and well-targeted advertising messages, with a strong call to action.