hVIVO Content Development


With the step change brought about by the organisation’s identity change came the need for therapid recreation of all content across all digital (and offline) media properties.

The new hVIVO.com website needed rich content including a significant directory of scientific papers with editorial contribution from members of the hVIVO scientific leadership team (establishing great credibility and authority online). Additionally, news and event sections needed regular update as well as clear and simple messaging to explain the hVIVO proposition and the disease areas that the organisation focused on. As a plc, the organisation also needed to ensure investors and potential collaborators had a good appreciation of the financial standing of the business, and its investment appeal.

All of this was developed in conjunction with a digital website development agency, and content managed through the Wordpress CMS (content management system) in house and ‘hands-on’. A simple navigation style was deliberately enforced, and newly commissioned photography was used to help add interesting and human visual content to an otherwise heavily scientific content site.

Complementing this core website property was the creation of entirely new key social media properties for positive outreach and explanatory videos to help visually explore the hVIVO facilities (important to convey the benefits of the state of the art medical facility in the UK, and especially useful for global clients with remoteness from the facility itself). The long form video featured here was complemented with shorter vignette video clips for use on social media, to inform and to drive traffic to the website.

Behind the scenes, natural search engine optimisation was managed pro-actively, along with PPC, as well as regular measurement and monitoring of website performance though Google Analytics.