hVIVO Branding


I joined Retroscreen Virology plc and left it as hVIVO plc. As part of the metamorphosis of the business model from a clinical research service provider to an early phase drug developer in its own right, 'Retroscreen Virology' was just not the right name or positioning any more. The business needed a new name, greater modernity, and the brand positioning, style and tone of voice to match its future aspirations and redefined business model.

hVIVO was an exciting branding and naming redevelopment that started in Autumn 2014 and culminated in the launch of the new hVIVO plc in April 2015. The branding development process was comprehensive, including a well-chosen creative branding agency, a dedicated in-house graphic designer, the staged and collective winning of "hearts and minds" within the business, and a full new identity and positioning.

Behind the scenes to the branding colour and pizzazz was a persistent coordination of all departments and functions within the business to ensure they were well briefed, fully prepared and supportive in readying the business. And we made it. April 16th 2015 7am UK time and the new identity was born. All live and ready to do business as hVIVO. New identity, new website, new signage, new social media properties, new simple video intro, new letterheads and business cards - you get the idea. Everything changed. Done on time and on budget. Some sleepless nights in the final approach for sure, some hard graft and essential attention to detail throughout, some necessary chasing and cajoling of colleagues too, but a great end result with a new styled organisation looking to the future!